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Calibration tapes

This is it.

You have found calibration tapes for your Nakamichi deck.

You think your tape deck is misaligned. But you are not too sure. You need a reference, but can’t get hold of one. You can’t find original Nakamichi calibration tapes.

No problem! I make the next best thing to the (expensive and unavailable) original Nakamichi test alignment tapes, using my set of originals and my Nakamichi T-100 Audio Analyzer, assorted bench gear, plus my long experience in the world of Nakamichi cassette decks and analog audio.

Beware of imitations and false claims! These tapes are the ones everybody is talking about, and I have been making them since 2005. Not one dissatisfied customer! Over 300 sets sold!

Require a custom calibration tape for your Deck Brand X? Please contact us, we can master almost any tape of any frequency, at any flux level from any reference level, Dolby 200nWb/m, VU 160nWb/m, or DIN 250nWb/m at very competitive prices! We master C-10 Type II tapes, but can provide almost any type in TDK / Maxell cassettes in C-60 or C-90 if required.

Time to calibrate your deck. Can you do it? Of course you can. See the calibration Frequently Asked Questions.

These tapes are made-to-order on my regularly calibrated CR7 or Dragon decks, making sure the decks are spot-on beforehand.

I make a set of 2 Type II calibration tapes, as follows:


  • Side A: 5 min Level reference 400Hz 0dB, 200mW/m flux density.
  • Side B: 5 min W&F 3KHz -5dB below 200nW/m flux density.


  • Side A: 5 min Head Height Alignment 1KHz 0dB, 200mW/m flux density.
  • Side B: 5 min Head Azimuth Alignment -20dB below 200nW/m flux density.


This set of calibration tapes and test tone files are yours for only 95€, shipped to Western Europe (anything west of Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, and south of Germany), 105€ elsewhere, using standard airmail. Should you prefer to pick them up in Madrid, or use your prepaid courier of choice, please contact us. Should you still have questions, please drop us an email.

By buying these tapes you agree to the following “Conditions of Sale”:

1.- Due to the nature of the product, returns are not accepted.

2.- The tapes are fully tested, measured and signed off before shipping.

3.- I am not responsible for items damaged or lost in post.

4.- Shipped by unregistered standard airmail. If you require other methods, please ask.

5.- It has happened once before that tones recorded were damaged (maybe by scanners, x-rays, or the alike) while in transit. Even though it is not my responsibility, nor can I be blamed for it, I will gladly remaster the tape for free if you ship it back to me. Return postage applies.

If you feel more comfortable, you can also buy these tapes from eBay.

Thanks for looking!

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  • Need another calibration tape?: No problem, we can master almost any frequency at the level required, just let us know and we will try our best to accommodate your needs. Contact us for details.

Still not sure?

  • Not quite sure about it?: Maybe you would like to check out my eBay sale and buy them there. Feel free to browse trough all the 100% positive feedback, with not one dissatisfied customer. Ever!